Thursday, April 21, 2011

Top 7 Sports To Watch On TV

7.  Winter Olympics - Ice, snow and hustle...what's not to love. 

6.  Summer Olympics - Track, water and sand...even more to love.

5.  NBA playoffs - The best all around athletes on the planet earning their big dollars.

4.  NHL playoffs - End to end action with a fantastic showcasing of skill.

3.  March Madness - Great format without a dime on the line for the players.

2.  Ryder Cup -  A passionate display of pride without a dime on the line either.

1.  The World Cup - How could millions of screaming fans be wrong.


  1. Clean crisp and cool. Very few men get away with wearing white head to toe. Looking forward to those summer olympics, and some more roBust top 7's.