Sunday, October 16, 2011

Top 7 Sports Jerseys

Sports jerseys of your favorite teams naturally become your babies even if those babies are (Seinfeld) "breathtaking." Well it just so happens that 2 of my favs actually DO rock so they made the list.  Hey, it's my list after all.  Even if ya don't like the teams, you can't go wrong with these stylish kits.  Represent!

7.  University of Texas Longhorns - The burnt orange from the lone star state just makes ya wanna order a steak and yell “hook em horns!”

6.  West Coast Eagles - I had to show my once winter home of Australia some love and slap an Aussie rules jersey on the list.  Not only does it have cool colors and a mean looking eagle, but it's sleeveless so you can show off the guns!

5.  University of Oregon Ducks - The old green and gold wasn't doing U of O any favors but say hello to the yellow and graphite!  No more lame ducks with this killer new gear.

4.  Philadelphia Flyers - I own it, I live it.  This is my fav team in any sport so of course it makes the list!  Love orange period and the black logo is a total gem.  Let's go Flyers!!

3.  University of North Carolina Tar Heels -  Nothin says smooth like a shot of Carolina baby blue.  No jersey list is legit without this piece of artwork on it somewhere.  It even makes Duke fans say "I wish."

2.  Boston Red Sox - The beauty is simply in the simplicity.  Yes...another team of mine and the more I look at it the more I like it.  It's old school, refined and wicked smaaht!

1.  Oakland Raiders - Oaktown hit absolute paydirt with this clean and mean classic.  The most intimidating jersey in all of professional sports isn't just football, it's Oak-land Rai-der Football!

"Bo Knows"